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BATS Big Red Bus Day


Students from Woodside School in Belvedere recently enjoyed a day of practical learning on how to make independent journeys.

The children from years 7, 8 and 9 spent the morning on a London bus, re-enacting common scenarios and being taught how to deal with them safely. They had help and advice from Safer Transport Police officers.

In the afternoon they were given the first in a series of pedestrian skills training lessons, in which they were taught about good places to cross a road and then practiced how to do so safely.

Kieran Johnstone age 13 said:

I learn't not to tell strangers anything about myself and to not bring attention to myself if I'm out on my own. I really want to more training now on how to cross different types of road.

The initiative was organised by Bexley Accessible Transport Scheme (BATS), and was funded by the London Borough of Bexley through a performance grant. The bus was provided free of charge by Plumstead bus garage.

Cllr Katie Perrior, Cabinet Member for Children's Services said:

Although the majority of these children use BATS to get to and from school, we want to help them become more independent and safer when out and about as they become older, giving them essential skills for life.

Woodside School provides an education for pupils who have cognitive learning difficulties which includes pupils on the Autistic Spectrum.

BATS offers a related training service, BITS (Bexley Independent Travel Scheme), which provides training in using public transport, road and personal safety when undertaking journeys. BITS Travel Training is available to socially-disadvantaged children, children and adults with learning, mobility, mental health or sensory difficulties in Bexley and can be booked by a Special Needs School, Care Provider or by Bexley Council to assist an individual to become independent and confident using public transport. Look at our travel training service page for more infomation.

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