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BATS 'Out and About Car Club' Video


Recently, we reached semi-finalist status in our Nesta bid to help fund our 'Out and About Car Club': a personal car transport scheme to benefit the elderly and aid independant living, through safe transport to such places as Age UK 'pop in parlours', community events, Hospital, GP and health centre appointments and to shop mobility for shopping in Bexleyheath.

The scheme will operate using section 19 permits (for hire and reward and not for profit) and based on a fixed rate fare. The service user will have the opportunity of either a voluntary or paid driver but at differing rates. This initative falls in line with the introduction of the personalisation agenda by the local authority and individual budgets for travel and gives freedom of choice to the service user, the ability to go shopping, meet friends and pursue hobbies and interests.

The scheme will also include timebanking for drivers. This will allow drivers to build up an allowance of driving time which they can use on journeys for a designated family member. Cars will also be fitted tracking devices so only drivers in the immediate area of the service user will be contacted, thus minimising fuel wasteage.

To compete in the next stage of the application, we were required to make a 2-minute video to clearly explain the benefits of the scheme.

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