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BATS Travel Training initiative wins backing from Bexley Council


BATS have been awarded £100,000 by the London Borough of Bexley to develop a brand new travel training operation, which will deliver high quality travel training services initially to Special Educational Needs children of senior school age.

The award which is part of the Council's Performance Reward Grants scheme, will help BATS develop a bespoke programme of travel training for children, enabling them to use public bus services to travel to and from school each day.

The travel trainers are given in-house and course-based training leading to accredited qualifications and normally one trainer is allocated to two children. The children receive pavement and route training with their trainers and attend a 'Red Bus Day' (see post below) before being collected and taken to school by public bus transport. When ready to travel on their own, the children are shadowed by their trainers before being 'signed-off' by their school head-teacher and parents/carers to travel independently.

The course is supported by the Bexley Safer Neighbourhoods Police and the Transport for London Travel Training Forum.

Andrew Grieve, Chief Executive Officer of BATS said:

We are absolutely delighted by this award - it means we can press ahead with developing travel training for Bexley children. We hope that the outcome of this training will be that the children will be able to lead a more independent and fulfilling life.

For more information on this service, please see the Travel Training page.

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