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BATS is proud to be a member of the Community Transport Association UK (CTA UK) and the Federation of Small Businesses.


Health-On-Wheels is a mobile health clinic, operated by BATS, on behalf of Bexley Care Trust. The clinic is booked by a number of organisations, both statutory and voluntary.

These include:

Work with these organisations is normally with the public and includes:

The Health-on-Wheels mobile clinic can also be used for Health Checks, Social Inclusion and local outreach schemes and Health or Social promotional work.

The mobile clinic has a range of facilities suited to its purpose and has a small waiting area and a large room for one-to-one consultations.


To hire the clinic you must first join the Health on Wheels Bus scheme, and pay a membership charge. This is at present a pilot scheme and groups are needed to sustain it.


Membership of this scheme lasts for a year.

Non-profit, un-funded, voluntary groups: £60.00

Funded groups (paid staff): £120.00


Funded Groups

£150.00 for a 4-hour session on a weekdays.

Voluntary Groups

£75.00 for a 4-hour session on weekdays

A driver is provided along with the vehicle and remains with the vehicle at all times.


The Health-on-Wheels mobile clinic is currently funded by Bexley Care Trust, with whom BATS are working closely to make the project sustainable from charges to user groups.

The clinic not only operates in Bexley but also works for organisations in Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich Boroughs.


For specific information about Health-on-Wheels, please e-mail: or give us a call on (01322) 311333.

You are also welcome to make a direct enquiry, or provide feedback, using our contact page.

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