Charity Number: 1106440

Company Limited By Guarantee: 04374810

BATS is proud to be a member of the Community Transport Association UK (CTA UK) and the Federation of Small Businesses.


These organisations help to support BATS financially, and also provide leasing of vehicles and support for specific services. You can find out more about how our services are supported by looking at the service pages.


Futurebuilders provides loan financing, often combined with grants and professional support, to third sector organisations in England that need investment to help them bid for, win and deliver public service contracts. The aim of the Fund is to substantially improve the financial and strategic capability of the third sector so that it can play an ever greater role in improving the lives of the people and communities it serves.

Futurebuilders »

Social Enterprise Investment Fund (SEIF)

The Social Enterprise Investment Fund (SEIF) aims to support social enterprises, deliver innovative health and social care services and products, as well as to invest to help social enterprises to become sustainable in the longer term.

Social Enterprise Investment Fund »

Europa Worldwide Logistics

Europa Worldwide Logistics provide BATS with a vehicle.

Europa Worldwide Logistics »

London Borough of Bexley

The London Borough of Bexley provides support for many of our services and provides much of our business.

London Borough of Bexley »

London Borough of Bromley

The London Borough of Bromley provide business to BATS, including Travel Training.

Bexley NHS Care Trust

Bexley NHS Care Trust fund our Mobile Health Clinic, Health-on-Wheels

Bexley NHS Care Trust »

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