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BATS is proud to be a member of the Community Transport Association UK (CTA UK) and the Federation of Small Businesses.

Volunteering !

Volunteers fulfil an essential role here at BATS, supporting us in all aspects of our organisation.

Our volunteer duties include:

Many groups who are unable to provide their own drivers by virtue of their groups membership (disabled, elderly, etc) would find it impossible to book trips and outings without volunteers to drive for them.

For You

Volunteering with BATS can also benefit you, providing opportunities to build on and learn new skills, experience and confidence to gain employment.

Volunteering with us is also socially rewarding, and you can meet new and inspiring people as well as providing a service for your community.

To us, volunteers are vital - we would be unable to run the scheme without their support, time and commitment.

Volunteers are reimbursed with reasonable expenses incurred and BATS also provide certified training in minibus driving for our volunteers. Drivers need to be aged 21 - 70, with at least two years driving experience and a clean licence.

If you can spare a few hours each week, enjoy meeting new people, gaining new skills and getting out and about, you could help provide a valuable service in your local community.


Supported by You!


For specific information about how to get involved in Volunteering with BATS, please e-mail: or give us a call on (01322) 311333.

You are also welcome to make a direct enquiry, or provide feedback, using our contact page.

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