Home to school service - Bexley Accessible Transport Scheme (BATS)

Since 2010, Bexley Accessible Transport Scheme have successfully operated home-to-school Special Educational Needs (SEN) routes for the London Borough of Bexley and are regarded by their Special Educational Needs department as one of the top providers of SEN transport.

Home to school transportation is one BATS pride themselves on.  It is vital that students start there day happy and safe knowing that a BATS vehicle and crew will take care of their needs. Parents can rest assured that their children have arrived to their place of education safe and happy.


This service is supported by, and works in agreement with, the London Borough of Bexley & London Borough of Bromley.


For specific information about Home-to-School, please e-mail: enquiries@bexleyct.co.uk or give us a call on (01322) 311333.

You are also welcome to make a direct enquiry, or provide feedback, using our contact page.

“If I hadn’t got BATS transport, life would be really, really difficult I would be worried all the time that I wouldn’t be able to get my children to school in the timing that the school provide so they are a real lifeline to me and my family and we can’t be without them”.

Angela Pain – Bexley resident